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El Patron

The El Patron is now at Long Beach Sportfishing!
(More...) (Wednesday, February 28, 2024)

Santa Fe Reservoir Report

by ARIZONA GAME & FISH DEPARTMENT / Arizona Fish & Game Department
Only boats with a single electric motor are allowed on Santa Fe Reservoir. No gas-powered motors. The limit is 2 bass minimum size 13 inches, the limit is 4 channel catfish, the limit is 4 trout. 
(More...) (Wednesday, February 28, 2024)

Good fishing today on our 10-4 trip

by MONTE CARLO CREW / Monte Carlo Sportfishing
Good fishing today on our 10-4 trip. Nice pick at the bass and sculpin with lots of perch as well as one 35 pound halibut to top things off! Online 7 days a week leaving at 10 am. Make your
(More...) (Monday, February 26, 2024)

West Walker River Report

by KENS SPORTING GOODS STAFF / Kens Sporting Goods
Haven’t heard any news from the West lately, if you’re going to hit that up I would suggest fishing some of the more sunny sections, be very stealthy so as not to spook the fish and try some attractor nymphs
(More...) (Monday, February 26, 2024)

First Trip of the Season

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
It's official, our first trip of the season departs next week! We still have some space available, so take advantage of the opportunity and book your spot now. There has been a great sign of Bluefin within multi-day range. If you will
(More...) (Monday, February 26, 2024)

Now Booking Perch Special Trips!

by ANDRE NERSESIAN / Eastern Sierra Sportfishing
Now Booking Crowley Lake Perch Special Trips! With so many requests to exclusively target Sacramento Perch, we're offering Perch Special Trips that will focus on these feisty fish from May-July. For those that like to keep fish to eat or just
(More...) (Monday, February 26, 2024)

Triton, Gail Force and Sport King Lobster Check

Six trips this past week combined for 235 Legal Lobster with 326 short ones tossed back.  Season ends March 20th and we have plenty of availability for you until then! Check our entire schedule and book online at LAHARBOR.NET or give the
(More...) (Monday, February 26, 2024)

Aloha Spirit Fish Report

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
Todays fish count. 18 passengers 132 whitefish 11 calico bass 3 butts We have space open Wednesday thrus Sunday and starting March 1st we will be 7 days a week and will be able to fish for sheephead along with the other fish we’ve been
(More...) (Sunday, February 25, 2024)

Check out www.independencesportfishing.com

by BRIAN PIFER / Independence Sportfishing
Book your trip. Don't wait until the last minute. You may miss out on a good opportunity. Bluefin are biting. We have a few 2 & 3 day trips that might give you the opportunity to catch yourself a nice
(More...) (Saturday, February 24, 2024)

Saturday Report

by CARL SCHMIDT / Fisherman's Landing
The Pacific Dawn caught LIMITS of Vermillion Rockfish, LIMITS of assorted Rockfish, and 1 Bluefin Tuna! up to 70lbs for 16 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. Great weather and good sign of Bluefin Tuna. On the hunt for more!
(More...) (Saturday, February 24, 2024)

Recent storms pushed Lake Nacimiento to nearly 80 percent of its storage capacity

by CHAD BURTON AND CHRIS BORDEN / Cope's Tackle and Rod Shop
Recent storms pushed Lake Nacimiento to nearly 80 percent of its storage capacity. Anglers reported fair fishing last week with spotted bass holding deeper in the water column. Finesse baits were the best way to entice bites, but Senkos and
(More...) (Friday, February 23, 2024)

PCS Show

by AMERICAN ANGLER / American Angler Sportfishing
We will be attending the PCS show on Thursday March 7 and Friday March 8 in the Point Loma Sportfishing booth.  Come by and say hi!!  
(More...) (Friday, February 23, 2024)

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